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Women Bodyguards

Women bodyguards are in high demand

Female bodyguards are in high demand

Increased Demand For Women Bodyguards

Majority of the feedback from corporations, celebrities, and dignitaries state that the best type of bodyguards are the ones you don’t realize are right in front of you.

Women bodyguardscan blend into a crowd without being spotted by an attacker, stalker, or paparazzi. Often people mistakenly confuse a bodyguard for a female companion. These ladies can hit harder than a boxer in the 7th round and can do so with a quick elbow faster than you can try to shake someone’s hand.

Large security agencies around the world are reporting an incredible increase in requests for female executive protection specialists who are highly trained in threat assessments, defense tactics, weapons, and covert training. Female CEO’s, celebrities, even domestic violence victims say they want protection without the obvious large no-neck, black sunglass wearing, hulk looking man standing next to them. Women bring another skill to the table according to those who are currently in the job. As stated by one female close protection operative, “We tend to have a different instinct “that women’s intuition” we may tend to catch onto things that the typical male may not,” says the Bodyguard Center.

Ex-military and law enforcement backgrounds are helpful according to recruiters, but not necessary. Good health, physical fitness, personal defense ability and discretion are key in the filed that can earn women protection specialists somewhere in the ballpark of 350 Euro to 1000 Euro a day. In the United States, a female operative can make up to $1500 a day.

Since the economy has gone in the tank, crime has increased, which includes violence against employers who have to cut jobs. In addition, the standard diplomate, celebrity, weddings, and corporate executives have increased the need for bodyguard services.