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Executive Bodyguard Training Course Introduction

Executive Bodyguards are also known as Close Protection Operatives (CPOs)

The main role of a CPO is to protect individuals or groups from the risk of violence or kidnapping, or any situation which could be harmful to them.

Close Protection Duties
As an Executive Bodyguard, your VIPs can include Politicians, Heads of Industry, Royalty, as well as TV, film and Music Celebrities.

Your Main Duties Would Typically Include:

* Protecting VIPs from threats, for example former Employees, Terrorists, Political opponents, Stalkers or Over-Enthusiastic fans
* Checking out premises to make safe before your VIPs arrives
* Planning and researching to identify and prevent potential threat or disruption while travelling to or from home/business
* Staying constantly alert to react to threatening situations at any given moment
* Accompanying VIPs on business and social visits as an Overt (visible) or Covert (invisible) deterrent
* Driving VIPs to and from venues (usually as part of a two person team)

Take A Look At The Course Overview And Modules Now.

Your New Career In Security
You could Specialise in Residential or office Security (RST, OST), making sure your VIP’s home and place of work is Secure (24 hours).

Alternatively, you could train to be an Executive Chauffeur specialising in Defensive and Evasive Driving Techniques.

Your career as an Executive Bodyguard, Close Protection Operative can mean travelling to many different destinations all over the world, so you should always be prepared at very short notice.

Our company has both the expertise and knowledge to prepare you for many different situations.

As both a Training and Operations company we’ve been there many times before, so all of your questions and concerns will be covered during your time with our professional training team.

Find out more by looking at the Close Protection Course Overview & Modules.

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Course Funding

Body Guard Training
FÁS Course Funding

If you are claiming social welfare you may be eligible for FÁS funding towards your course with our Security Training company.

FÁS is Ireland’s National Training and Employment Authority. FÁS enhances the skills and competencies of individuals and enterprises in order for Ireland to further develop as a competitive, inclusive, knowledge-based economy. It strives to do this through the provision of tailored training and employment programmes that suit everyone’s needs. Learn more about FÁS Allowances & Funding.

What do I do now?
• Visit your local FÁS office and ask to speak to the Placement Officer
• Click for local offices
• Explain to FÁS Placement Officer that you would like to attend this
course to develop an Action Plan for your return to work.
• Explain that this course is essential to helping you find employment

Please contact us with any questions you have in relation to this. Just email us at info @ or call (353) (0)85-125-2288 to arrange an appointment.

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